Interior Design works in increments.
You may not have lots of time in your daily schedule, so Dream Cue INTERIOR DESIGN explores the world within the time you have.
The sessions can be done online through SKYPE, through your phone,
or in person.
 It can be done at your office, in your wee morning hours of best awake, or late at night on Skype when you need that extra discriminating and discerning routine for tomorrow.

Here we are in the new year and I am celebrating a new project that will be featured on this blog.  I am working with on a radio talk show that is at its half-way mark.  The talk show eventually will find its home on one of my websites and become a course in coaching that anyone can take.  If you want to see what that would look like and you are interested in participating, take a look at this link:  Radio Talk Show  There will be 16 talk shows altogether and they will be posted for future reference starting the week of January 11th.

During 2015 I was interviewed by CUTV radio and had a great time with Doug Llewelyn and Barry Schwartz who were involved in the interview.

Give me a call if you hear something on either of these two shows and are interested in talking about it.


Who is your interior designer?

Alice has experience with entrepreneurs, students, educators, designers, financial planners, business leaders and creative consultants.

Alice has experience with entrepreneurs, students, educators, designers, financial planners, business leaders and creative consultants.

When I work with clients they are already looking at their lives and assessing where they are. They are renegotiating their personal maps, consulting their GPS and making corrections to their journeys. They are interested in all kinds of issues and often take the time to consult another person(s) like myself to accompany them on the journey.

I take a look at where they want to go and act as an “interior designer.”  This becomes an adventure of new steps, new challenges, and a re/discovery of strengths that come to the fore (or those that have been invisible) through cues, dreams or expanded worldviews. So I am an educator, adult learning facilitator, and life coach in the process.

I work on the phone, through Skype and in person at a venue chosen by the client..

All coaching begins with an introductory session that invites you to a journey and gives you some hints about where we might be heading.   This is a free session and often we meet at a restaurant or comfortable place where you can tell me your goals.  It is generally about 45 minutes in length. 

The next session, should you decide to move ahead, is a mapping session which helps us get on the same page about your first focus for the next few sessions.  It is based on your life questionnaire, a focusing session, a strengths activator, and a small mapping of the next few steps and themes we will analyze and discuss.

After the first coaching session is done, I offer several coaching packages:

1) an introductory coaching process that works with short-term goals;

2) a more in-depth interior design process that works with life issues and long-term goals that take more time to process; and

3) a “total package” process that facilitates your work with projects, problems and issues using body-centered, spirit-based, resilience-based long-term change.

Most often we customize one of the packages to fit with your goals, needs, problem issues, decisions, and strengths. 

My own journey started at DePaul University, continued at Villanova University and then I received my doctorate at the University of Denver/Iliff.   Lately my inner work led to more study and a coaching program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

My life experiences led me toward leadership positions, advisory and consultative arenas, and creative opportunities. Working with many mentors over the years, I found that life is a creative symphony of challenge, adventure, and empowerment.

I am presently the interior designer I have always wanted to be. Join me!

You want to have a great resume,

a great set of interview skills.

You need a map of your dreams for your career that can highlight some of your strengths rather than hiding them.

You want to add value at your place of work instead of taking up space!

 In other words, you want a career that matches who you are.

So here you are . . . at the coaching arena of dreams-to-become-real.

I am a coach who revels in the fight to make things happen.  I recognize the shadows you might live in and help discover how you want to stand out.

I work with the essence of what makes you feel confidence and enthusiasm each day.

I help identify the places where your uniqueness thrives!!

I understand how life can be stale without discovering your purpose and vision.

We start where you are . . . decide where you want to go, and plot the path to get there.  The tools I use remind you to focus and stay mindful of your dreams and purpose.  Careful listening puts you in touch with the essential you and your deeper vision.  We identify strengths and blocks.  And then we move on to applying them  or removing them in various scenarios that you experience daily.

My value as a coach is that I can strengthen your awareness.  I understand the struggle and the values that we place on how career needs to work for self, family, community and the world.

And if needed I also have the ability to drive you deeper into your depth so that you identify better with your life purpose.

My background is an ACC from the International Coaching Federation, supervised at the University of Texas at Dallas.  I have a Ph.D in psychology and world religions from the University of Denver and Iliff.  That perspective guides my work with a diverse population of people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds—in a welcoming and compassionate way.

I can honestly say that I am known as an interior designer for life and work with people who are looking to fine tune their inner landscape.   Welcome to this experience of adventure!!